In analogy to the current situation in Cosmology, glycans can be considered as the ‘dark matter of the biological universe: a major and critical component that has yet to be fully incorporated into the ‘standard model’ of biology.” 

Ajit Varki and Stuart Kornfeld, Essentials of Glycobiology, 3rd Edition, 2017.

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Do you speak glyco? Your cells do. 
Every living cell on this planet is covered by a glycocalyx, which is a dense layer formed by glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans and polysaccharides. Cell surface, extracellular matrix and also body fluid proteins are extensively modified with specific sugar moieties, so called glycans. These glycans, in conjunction with their respective proteins, form the basis for a universal language (glycome) used between cells that is also abused by pathogens and cancer cells. It is well established that even small changes in the cellular glycosylation can severely affect the function and behaviour of cells. Studies addressing global changes in glycosylation (glycomics) have clearly shown disease-associated alterations of the glycome, but the impact of such changes on the function of individual glycoproteins can just be studied individually for each protein and protein-ligand complex (glycoproteomics).

The Australian Glycoscience Society (Glyco@Oz)

AGS session at the 2023 Annual Meeting SFG Hawaii – Call for abstracts

One aim of the Australian Glycoscience Society is to establish collaborations to international Glycoscience organisations. As part of such bilateral efforts, the AGS has been invited to coordinate a session at the 2023 Annual meeting of the Society for Glycobiology (SFG). This session is intended to showcase Australian glycoscience research and foster international collaborative opportunities.

AGS is therefore calling for abstract submissions from current AGS members to contribute to an AGS-led session at the 2023 Annual Meeting of SFG, on Big Island, Hawaii, Nov 5-8, 2023. Up to five full-length talks will be competitively selected from submitted abstracts based on novelty, impact, and relevance to the field. Researchers from all areas of glycoscience are encouraged to submit abstracts. At least two abstracts submitted by early career researchers (PhD students or postdocs < 5 years post-PhD) will be chosen for oral presentation in the session in our mission to support the next generation of glycoscientists. Gender balance will be considered. Selected speakers must acknowledge the support from AGS in their talk (and in social media where possible).

Venue/dates: Big Island, Hawaii, Nov 5-8, 2023

Eligibility: Current 2023 AGS membership upon abstract submission. To sign up, please visit here.

Support: Speakers will be supported by complimentary conference registration and some travel support (TBA, depending on budget) from the AGS by reimbursement upon show of receipts after the event.

Submission portal: Please fill in this form (Log-in required).

Submission deadline: Friday April 14 (5pm), 2023

Outcome announced: June-July, 2023

Support for AGS members to attend Glyco26, Taiwan

The Australian Glycoscience Society aims to establish connections and expand networks across the glycosciences both nationally and internationally. A goal is to enable Australian glycoscientists to showcase and share their research findings with the international community.

To this end, the AGS will subsidise the registration of up to 10 AGS members attending the upcoming 26th International Glycoconjugate Symposium (IGS), colloquially known as Glyco26.

Venue/dates: Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. Aug 27 – Sep 1, 2023

Eligibility: Current 2023 AGS members are eligible for support regardless of career stage. Please note, only the first 10 AGS members to register will be supported by this scheme.

Support: $100 to offset registration cost. Please register through the Glyco26 registration portal and send documentation for registration to us who will arrange for reimbursement after confirming AGS membership details. AGS members receiving support must acknowledge the support from the AGS in their talk/poster at Glyco26 (and in social media where possible).

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