Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

4th Australasian Glycoscience Symposium (4th AGS)
Gold Coast, QLD (November 22-25, 2022)
The 4th Australasian Glycoscience Symposium 
is scheduled to take place 22-25 Nov 2022 on the Gold Coast, QLD.
Chaired by Dr Daniel Kolarich and Dr Nick Scott.
The meeting will be organised as a joint international conference with the 9th Charles Warren Workshop.

Sialoglyco 2022 Symposium
Nagoya University, Aichi, Japan (September 5-8, 2022)
Organisers: The Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology (JCGG) and The Sialic Acids Society
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Society for Glycobiology 2022 Annual Meeting
Florida, USA (October 2-5, 2022)
Organisers: Society for Glycobiology
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Harnack House of the Max Planck Society (January 17-19, 2023)
Organisers: Thomas Rexer, Marcus Hoffmann, Johannes Ruhnau and Udo Reich
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Glycobiology (GRS) – Biological Roles of Glycans as Major Building Blocks of Life
Ventura, California, USA (March 12-17, 2023)
Organisers: Gordon Research Conferences
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Glyco26 – International Symposium on Glycoconjugates
Taipei, Taiwan (deferred to August 27 – Sep 1, 2023)
Organisers: Kay-Hooi Khoo (Chair), Takashi Angata, Chuan-Fa Chang, Yijuang Chern, Shie-Liang Hsieh, Tsui-Ling Hsu, Shang-Cheng Hung, Chun-Cheng Lin, Chun-Hung Lin, Kuo-I Lin, Fu-Tong Liu, Todd L. Lowary, Huey-Kang Sytwu, Ruey-Bing Yang, Alice L. Yu
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